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Guangda Gview comprehensive network platform

Product Features

Product Features
Extendable network management structure, easy to extend
Adopt the mature B/S structure, support multi-client concurrent; with modular design, detachable and combinable to meet large-scale network management; Support high availability cluster deployment; Offer acquisition adaptation layer, adaptable to the underlying network equipment and the changes; Under the condition of without affecting the existing system function, achieve system expansion and function extension, protect the investment.

Support multiple databases and cross-platform application
Support the industry popular ORACLE and MySql database; System adopt cross-platform language, support WINDOWS and LINUX operating system

Open system
Support standard network management protocol, and provides the TL1, SysLog and SNMP port to integrate with third party.

Perfect security management function
Provide perfect access control function; Network domain management; Provide complete record of security logs, operating logs, system logs; Support playback operation.

Self-monitoring ability
Provide complete system self management ability to monitor the system running status, including process, interface, host, database, etc.

Product Specifications

Single point login
Support centralized certification and authorization model. Through single point login, user can use subordinate network management system via a login authentication. More network management functions can be configured by subordinate network management system
Topology management
Comprehensive network management platform can identify the different network nodes by different icon and display networks status through Topology. User can see the whole network and real-time monitor network running state by Topology picture. Support topology auto-discovery, topological node (including virtual node) and add, delete, topology automatic sorting of links (including virtual link).
Alarm  management
Alarm management provide entire network alarm real-time monitoring, alarm filtering, redefine, correlation analysis, alarm shielding, alarm control, alarm synchronization, alarm location, alarm notification, alarm transmission and alarm auto clear functions to ensure important warning present in the alarm list or topology timely. To facilitate rapid discovery, positioning, and troubleshooting.
Performance management
Support collect, monitor and analysis of data network switches, OLT, NC equipments’ performance; Alarm overflow parameters; Real-time monitor and analysis performance indicators; Support user-defined performance acquisition task, user-defined warning index law and user-defined performance analysis baseline.

Regulation engine

System equip with regular engine reasoning machine. Through configuration wizard page, users can custom alarm compression, filtering, merging, suppression, processing rules flexibly. Through rule processing, maintenance personnel can focus on the main network events faster, and improve the efficiency of monitoring management.

Fault Diagnosis Test
System can identify common fault location and reasons through device, port running status, running parameters, link quality etc.

Security Management
Limit personal access by defining roles, users to realize separate domain management. Support single user multiple roles.

System self-monitoring
The system provides system monitoring tools to manage network system and inquiry system information. Main information including: process information, disk information, database information, server information, components information, interfaces information, task execution information.

Typical Networking and Applications

Comprehensive network management is used to realize cross major network unified management, which can significantly improve network operation and management efficiency. The open platform not only can work with Guangda Gview united network, but also can integrate with Guangda open MIB device or the third part system. Finally realizes centralized and unified management cross major and manufacturer.