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Product Number:GS2900 Series
Delicate design, easy installation Substantial software function, apply to multi-application Software and hardware Industrial-grade reliability Convenient and economic operation and maintenance Substantial function of VLAN, QoS and safety, can effectively improve the network operation, management and safety.
Product Number:GS3928
高性能、高汇聚能力 采用高性能交换芯片,提供高端口密度,同时保证整机业务线速处理 灵活组网、多场景应用 1U 标准机盒式设计,占用空间小,安装方便提供 1:1 及 1:2收敛式组网,网络侧接口支持光、电方式接入,配合特定规格光模块,可实现不同距离的网络接入,满足运营商分前端、小区机房、工业园区、专网应用等...