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Product Number:HTOR2424/2412
Optical power range: -7~+2dBm; With AGC function, can keep the output level constant when the optical power changes. Strong output capability: 4 *output level; Low power consumption: less than 35W, save 20W power than regular 4 ways optical receiver. Easy ins...
Product Number:HTOR1031-K
Extra low Receiving Optical Power Receiving Optical Power as low as -18dBm;With AGC function, can keep the output level constant when the optical power changes Low consumption Ultra-low power consumption, power consumption less than 3.5 W Small Size Easy install...
Small Size: Easy installation for FTTH, can be placed in the user’s home directly High Reliability: Adopting high reliable switching power supply adapter, advanced manufacturing technique and strict anti-lightning system. Low Noise: Use low noise components to reduce the whole device’s noise.
Product Number: HTOR1022C
l Low optical power receiving: -7~+2dBm. l High output power: can replace the traditional optical receiver; dual output ≥ 102dBuV, one output ≥ 106dBuV (without slope output, according to Chinese Standard testing requirements). l Output level control: opt...
Product Number: HTOA15 Optical Amplifier
540~1563nm working bandwidth. Low noise, high output and reliability. APC, ATC controlled selection. 1U (19” Rack-mount) LCD indicates working status and fault diagnosis. RS-232 communication interface and SNMP web management function. Highly cost effective
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